Monday, February 13, 2017

Zack tells Panthera about Valentine A Wraeththu Fanfic

The air was crisp but sweet. The middle february evening shone with stars.
"They're beautiful, my Pantherine", said Zack. "But let's return home. This february's night air is pretty cold"
"As you want, beloved. I love to look at the bright stars, and how they seem to shine with Universal Love, and reflect our Love to the Heavens"
You're very sweet", said Zack kissing him gently" So I'll tell you a story I heard when I was human. Let's go sit by the fire"
"There was this boy", said Zack" that had no one to celebrate St Valemtine with. He felt very lonely,and deadly tired,as he had had to work all day trying to get the budget straight. But it was his love life that just didn't just add up. He was abandoned by the person he loved, and in part was his fault, or he felt so, So that Valentine Day's eve was very sad for him. It was also carnival, and many boys and girls went out masquerading, but he was too forlorn to do it. Better go to sleep. He'd sleep the whole godforsaken valentine schmalentine day, if he could."
Panthera was puzzled" What was Valentine Day?"
"A day when all lovers would celebrate their love, usually exchanging heart-shaped boxes containing candies"
"How weird! Was it some religious ritual? Was Valentine a Dehar of Love or something?"
Zack laughed "Well, not exactly so, my dear. Valentine could be said to be a paramour, a messenger of Love. Let's say Valentine's day was a tradition celebrating Love"
Panthera shrugged "I suppose we'll never wholly understand human ways. Go on with your story"
"Well, thìs boy", continued Zack" was preparing to go to sleep. when someone ringed at his door.
Who could it be? He saw a beautiful Elfin figure smiling at him"
'Is this the Garfunkel home?', asked the Elfin figure. He-she was very beautiful.
'No', said Simon, so the boy was called 'I've never heard that name."
'Isn't this Zumaya's Grove'?
'No, this is Cartwright Gardens'
'I knew I'd lose myself. Now, what I am to do? It's late! I don't know how to go home!"
'Try phone to your boyfriend- or girlfriend". said Simon, and the elfin burst in tears.
'I've got no one. Got invited by some friends, but lost my way. Can I stay in your home for the night? I'll sleep on the couch'
Moved, Simon welcomed the elf in his home. They had a drink, and Simon narrated his host the story of his love break.
'Maybe I was too indifferent, too selfish, I didn't really trust myself, or my lover. And so I'm alone, now...'
'Well, maybe You'll have another chance. Go to sleep", said the Elf. And with a goodnight kiss, they parted.
Simon awoke on Valentine's day, and the elf was gone, as if he-she never had been there. It was still dark, and cold, and Simon was as alone as ever. Wonder who he-or she- was? I guess I'll never know', he said to himself, setting breakfast.Getting to think to it, there was something familiar in the face, Simon reflected.
Suddenly, a ring at the door. Who could it be? Lo and behold! Simon lost love was at he door, saying having had a sleepless night thinking of him. 'Can we try again, now?'
And so, Simon wasn't alone anymore"
"And they lived happily ever after?" asked Panthera
"Well, you can think so, if you like. Surely, Simon's got another chance"
"But was the Elf Simon's lover in disguise? Or you Dehar Valentine?
"What do you think?", asked Zack, kissing Panthera. "Can I be your Valentine tonight?"
And so he was.

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