Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fight homophobia

Kyle's bed and breakfast: converting homophobes

Glad to be gay!

The British Police are the best in the world
I don't believe one of these stories I've heard
'Bout them raiding our pubs for no reason at all
Lining the customers up by the wall
Picking out people and knocking them down
Resisting arrest as they're kicked on the ground
Searching their houses and calling them queer
I don't believe that sort of thing happens here

Sing if you're glad to be gay
Sing if you're happy that way

Pictures of naked young women are fun
In Titbits and Playboy, page three of The Sun
There's no nudes in Gay News our last magazine
But they still find excuses to call it obscene
Read how disgusting we are in the press
The News of The World and the Sunday Express
Molesters of children, corruptors of youth
It's there in the paper, it must be the truth

Sing if you're glad to be gay
Sing if you're happy that way

Don't try to kid us that if you're discreet
You're perfectly safe as you walk down the street
You don't have to mince or make bitchy remarks
To get beaten unconscious and left in the dark
I had a friend who was gentle and short
Got lonely one evening and went for a walk
Queerbashers caught him and kicked in his teeth
He was only hospitalised for a week

Sing if you're glad to be gay
Sing if you're happy that way

So sit back and watch as they close all our clubs
Arrest us for meeting and raid all our pubs
Make sure your boyfriend's at least 21
So only your friends and your brothers get done
Lie to your workmates, lie to your folks
Put down the queens and tell anti-queer jokes
Gay Lib's ridiculous, join their laughter
"The buggers are legal now,
what more are they after ?"

Sing if you're glad to be gay
Sing if you're happy that way, hey
Sing if you're glad to be gay
Sing if you're happy that way, hey


The LA police are the best in the world
I don't believe one of these stories I've heard
About pretty policemen in leather and jeans
Showing their leg through a slit in the seams
Seeking out superstars, leading them on
Then running them in when they start to respond
But back home in Britain, we're equal and free
Except when the case is a Labour MP

Sing if you're glad to be gay
Sing if you're happy that way

The Liars of Wapping are really the pits
Commissioned by bigots and written by shits
They plaster their pages with bingo & tits
Then add all the scandal and slander that fits
They rip into victims destroying their lives
From anglican bishops to footballers wives
From internet perverts to lesbian mums
If it's vicious and fiction it's... there in The Sun

Sing if you're glad to be gay
Sing if you're happy that way

Now young Matthew Shepherd was killed in the States,
And left alone dying, and tied to a gate,
For being a pretty and gay 21
He was murdered by thugs who thought killing was fun
At his funeral Christian love showed its face
As the bigots all picketed, twisted with hate
But God doesn't hate fags you sickos, it's true
He even loves people as evil as you

Sing if you're glad to be gay
Sing if you're happy that way

For 29 years now I've fought for the right
For people to love just whoever they like
But the right-on and righteous are out for my blood
Now I live with my kids and a woman I love
Well if gay liberation means freedom for all
A label is no liberation at all
I'm here and I'm queer and I do what I do
And I'm not gonna wear... a "straight" jacket for you

Sing if you're glad to be gay
Sing if you're happy that way, hey
Sing if you're glad to be gay
Sing if you're happy this way

Monday, August 17, 2009

From "The Mirror of Love" by Alan Moore

We gasped

upon Devonian beaches


under Neolithic stars.

Spat blood

through powdered teeth,

staining each other

as we kissed.

Always we loved.

How could we otherwise,

when you are so like me,

my sweet,

but in a different guise?

While life endures we’ll love,

and afterwards,

if what they say it’s true,

I’ll be refused a Heaven

crammed with popes,

policemen, fundamentalists,

and burn instead,

quite happily,

with Sappho, Michelangelo

and you, my love.

I’d burn throughout eternity

with you.

Black is beautiful

Thursday, August 13, 2009


la visita del'amico B6x75 autore del bel blog "Bisessuale ma che ci volete fare?"mi induce a parlare di bisessualità.
Io la penso così: nasciamo tutti bisessuali, con una tendenza più o meno marcata verso l'eterosessualità o l'omosessualità. Gli eterosessuali assolutamente prevalenti sono tali per pressione sociale e sublimazione difuggevoli attrazioni gay. Ma se non esistessero le pressioni sociali, l'omofobia, probabilmente i bisessuali sarebbero molti di più. Spesso i problemi di accettazione della propria tendenza sessuale sono esterni,sociali, da interiorizzazione di un biasimo ingiustificato inculcato sappiamo da chi...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Naked sailing

I'm a libertarian

My Political Views
I am a left moderate social libertarian
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Psychologists repudiate gay-to-straight therapy

By DAVID CRARY, AP National Writer David Crary, Ap National Writer – Wed Aug 5, 7:41 pm ET

NEW YORK – The American Psychological Association declared Wednesday that mental health professionals should not tell gay clients they can become straight through therapy or other treatments.

Instead, the APA urged therapists to consider multiple options — that could range from celibacy to switching churches — for helping clients whose sexual orientation and religious faith conflict.

In a resolution adopted on a 125-to-4 vote by the APA's governing council, and in a comprehensive report based on two years of research, the 150,000-member association put itself firmly on record in opposition of so-called "reparative therapy" which seeks to change sexual orientation.

No solid evidence exists that such change is likely, says the report, and some research suggests that efforts to produce change could be harmful, inducing depression and suicidal tendencies.

The APA had criticized reparative therapy in the past, but a six-member task force added weight to this position by examining 83 studies on sexual orientation change conducted since 1960. Its comprehensive report was endorsed by the APA's governing council in Toronto, where the association's annual meeting is being held this weekend.

The report breaks new ground in its detailed and nuanced assessment of how therapists should deal with gay clients struggling to remain loyal to a religious faith that disapproves of homosexuality.

Judith Glassgold, a Highland Park, N.J., psychologist who chaired the task force, said she hoped the document could help calm the polarized debate between religious conservatives who believe in the possibility of changing sexual orientation and the many mental health professionals who reject that option.

"Both sides have to educate themselves better," Glassgold said in an interview. "The religious psychotherapists have to open up their eyes to the potential positive aspects of being gay or lesbian. Secular therapists have to recognize that some people will choose their faith over their sexuality."

In dealing with gay clients from conservative faiths, says the report, therapists should be "very cautious" about suggesting treatments aimed at altering their same-sex attractions.

"Practitioners can assist clients through therapies that do not attempt to change sexual orientation, but rather involve acceptance, support and identity exploration and development without imposing a specific identity outcome," the report says.

"We have to challenge people to be creative," said Glassgold.

She suggested that devout clients could focus on overarching aspects of religion such as hope and forgiveness in order to transcend negative beliefs about homosexuality, and either remain part of their original faith within its limits — for example, by embracing celibacy — or find a faith that welcomes gays.

"There's no evidence to say that change therapies work, but these vulnerable people are tempted to try them, and when they don't work, they feel doubly terrified," Glassgold said. "You should be honest with people and say, 'This is not likely to change your sexual orientation, but we can help explore what options you have.'"

One of the largest organizations promoting the possibility of changing sexual orientation is Exodus International, a network of ministries whose core message is "Freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ."

Its president, Alan Chambers, describes himself as someone who "overcame unwanted same-sex attraction." He and other evangelicals met with APA representatives after the task force formed in 2007, and he expressed satisfaction with parts of the report that emerged.

"It's a positive step — simply respecting someone's faith is a huge leap in the right direction," Chambers said. "But I'd go further. Don't deny the possibility that someone's feelings might change."

An evangelical psychologist, Mark Yarhouse of Regent University, praised the APA report for urging a creative approach to gay clients' religious beliefs but — like Chambers — disagreed with its skepticism about changing sexual orientation.

Yarhouse and a colleague, Professor Stanton Jones of Wheaton College, will be releasing findings at the APA meeting Friday from their six-year study of people who went through Exodus programs. More than half of 61 subjects either converted to heterosexuality or "disidentified" with homosexuality while embracing chastity, their study said.

To Jones and Yarhouse, their findings prove change is possible for some people, and on average the attempt to change will not be harmful.

The APA task force took as a starting point the belief that homosexuality is a normal variant of human sexuality, not a disorder, and that it nonetheless remains stigmatized in ways that can have negative consequences.

The report said the subgroup of gays interested in changing their sexual orientation has evolved over the decades and now is comprised mostly of well-educated white men whose religion is an important part of their lives and who participate in conservative faiths that frown on homosexuality.

"Religious faith and psychology do not have to be seen as being opposed to each other," the report says, endorsing approaches "that integrate concepts from the psychology of religion and the modern psychology of sexual orientation."

Perry Halkitis, a New York University psychologist who chairs the APA committee dealing with gay and lesbian issues, praised the report for its balance.

"Anyone who makes decisions based on good science will be satisfied," he said. "As a clinician, you have to deal with the whole person, and for some people, faith is a very important aspect of who they are."

The report also addressed the issue of whether adolescents should be subjected to therapy aimed at altering their sexual orientation. Any such approach should "maximize self-determination" and be undertaken only with the youth's consent, the report said.

Wayne Besen, a gay-rights activist who has sought to discredit the so-called "ex-gay" movement, welcomed the APA findings.

"Ex-gay therapy is a profound travesty that has led to pointless tragedies, and we are pleased that the APA has addressed this psychological scourge," Besen said.


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Monday, August 3, 2009

Masked marvels

Manlove most tender, detection most though: Josh Lanyon

I really appreciate Josh Lanyon as one of the best romance/mystery writers. His mysteries are cool, hiss detectives are though, and the tormented, contrasted love of his protagonists oh, so tender aud touching! MLR Press has published two books of his novellas. most mystery, some horror or simply romantic. I've loved "Snowball in hell", with journalist Nathan and detective Matt Spain, and "Cards ond the table", where Tarots, manlove and the psychology of disability mingle in the solving of a cold Hollywood murder case case by the writer Tim and his friend? Ex lover? Detective Jack. As for the second volume, I was chilled by the haunted houses stories, saddened b "I spy someting bloody", the sour homecoming of a disgraced spy,
Highly recommended read!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Homophobia kills in Tel Aviv (From gay tel aviv Blog)

Deadly Attack on GLBT comunity in Tel Aviv
?My Heart is broken.
Yesterday night the GLBT community in Israel ware attacked – the most deadly attack ever. A man entered the GLBT center in Tel Aviv and shot the people in it. Most of them were a 16-17 years old kids who came to a GLBT youth support group. 3 ware murdered, 15 ware injured, 4 of them are badly.

I’m crying tears of blood.
Terror will not stop us.
Hate will not break us.
We are who we are!!!