Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Play the music of love

Eine kleine beachmusik

Biker's love

How cold the days are growing

Love on the beach again

Wedding cake smiling couple.

Aren't they sweet?

Computer woes

-Why they can tell you there's an error, but they can't tell you in comprehensible language what you have to do to fix it?
- Example: "This card requests drivers not found in the system. Insert another card" WHAT another card?
-Why what some anti-virus programs do best is blocking most programs in your system?
-Why some moronic spammers think you can fall to messages like "deer Custmer, were askin yo to confirm the paswor key too yor bank acount"?
-Why some sites tell you "we have cancelled your username and password because you no longer went there. please re-register" and when you try to register "Sorry, this username is already in our database?" WTF?
-Why some "captcha codes" are so confused they cannot be read by anything human?

Oh, well...'m Back!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Arosa gay sky week: snow hunk

Arosa gay sky week: gay mountain

Arosa gay sky week: Snow Queens

Arosa gay sky week: JUMP!

Sail Ho!

L'amour plus forte que la haine

Will you listen to me, already?

Wednesday morning love

Hot male arms

Spiral stairs gay kiss

Joseph Morgan: those eyes, those lips