Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Naked arrest 2

Cyberdelic city, by me

Do you need religion to be moral?

I'll reverse the question: is religiosity SUFFICIENT to grant morality? It seems not. Mafia members are religious, so were most nazis, so are suicide mass murders, rabid homophobes, and many devout churchgoesrs will happily cheat on taxes or their spouses. Religion doesn't make us moral. Natural law, society, make us moral. We don't need religion as such. We don't say to Madoff, to the Columbine killers, to a rapist "God will punish you" and leave it at that. We submit them to trial and punish them. In reality is your own conscience that's the origin of morals. How many of you abstain from evil (I.E. harming others) and give to charities purely because of the fear of hell or hope of heaven?
I'm with Kant: Starry sky above me, moral law inside me.

Taking the plunge


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ridiculous concepts: God hates what we hate

You know, maybe there IS an Entity who jump-started the Big Bang, triggered the Cosmic Inflation, fine tuned the Constants of Nature and gave Galaxies their spin. Imagine this Being in Its Cosmic Majesty endorsing all the petty prejudices of some fundamentalist sect in some planet of some Galaxy among millions. Imagine this Universal Demiurge unleashing an hurricane on a planet because in some nation someone tolerates what some petty bigots can't stand. Imagine this Hyperdimensional Engineer taking parts in some squabble between nations on this Planet.
How silly can you get?
How ludicrously presuming can you be, imagining that this supposed Ruler of the Cosmos preoccupies himself of what consenting adults in some planet do for sex and reproduction?
No, if there if such a God, what should He care? It is for Intelligent Species to set up their morals, using reason, justice and good sense.