Friday, February 28, 2014

Refllection on the so-called "religious freedom" to discriminate issue

Those despicable laws on the "freedom to discriminate" LGBT people are all likely to be vetoed or deemed -as they are- uncontitutional. Religion should be a private thing, not inpinge on the freedom and human rights of others. It's unthinkable and appalling that a person doiug a public service or a service of public utility should refuse to serve another humam being because of his sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, skin color, etc., expecially when he's the only source available for that service in a rural or isolated place. Different thing is when there are many such services available. In this case, well, it is the discriminated person that should discriminate in turn, and refuse to be serviced by an homophobic photographer or baker, or whatever. Why pour example should two persons in their right mind ever want, let alone demand, that a person who hates or despises them bake their wedding cake or photograph their wedding?

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