Thursday, September 29, 2011

Idiotic Myths: the Antichrist and Armageddon

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 29, 2011, 6:51 AM
The end of the world and the Antichrist: pure baloney fueled from that acid trip that's the Apocalypse. There will be an end of Earth when, Billions of years from now, the Sun'll become a red giant; there will be eventually, billions of billions of years from now, and end to the present cycle of the Universe (Big Crunch or otherwise): but they're not our concern, nor is the concern of the apocalyptic crackpots. They forget that at the end of that acid trip of Apocalypse, "Jesus" promise to come SOON., that is, before the generation alive in the Thirties BC would pass away, Well that generation had passed, two thousand years ago, with no comng. The second coming and the apocalypse was a lie, an illusion at best. And a very grim illusion at that. Imagine the "Saved Ones" staying in the clouds gleefully observing the bloody massacre that's the apocalypse schmapocalypse is about!Let's put it in the wastebasket of absurdities along with Adam and Eve and talking serpents, and the so-called "original Sin".

But the "christian right" it's precisely looking forward to that, and in its wholly UN-christian folly has the gall to call President Obama "The antichrist". Now, lets see..if there were an "Antichrist" who would that be? Someone who does and preach the opposite of what Christ did and teached, logically.

Jesus Christ said "Help the sick, needy and the poor" The religious right wants to cut social security and medical aid. Some also said of a cancer patient that couldn't afford to pay medicines "Let him die!"

Jesus Christ said "Love your Neighbor", the hearts of the religious right are filled with hate towerd gays, immigrants, liberals

Jesus Christ said that the greedy and the selfish rich won't inherit the Earth. The Religious right worship the rich, and are against taxing them

Jesus Christ valued Charity above all. The religious right's evil sons chant of a theen gay boy driven to suicide by bullies "we're glad you're dead"!

If there'd be an Antichrist who would that be?

Take your own conclusions!

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Full Equality translates into Victory! The Champion will be The Collective Sum -The Courage & Vigilance required from each of us, in order to effect Change.