Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tar and feather the apocalypse crackpots!

Once upon a time individuals like Harold Camping would have been tarred and feathered like the charlatans they are.
What we call “Revelations” is only a fantasy delusion of a diseased mind. There shall be no Apocalypse, no Second coming, no rapture, ever. The whole End of the World charade is only a glorified myth, like Ragnarok. It isn’t true. The whole bible is a glorified collection of sayings, homilies and myths. Far from being “inerrant” is full of errors,horrors and lies. We should denounce this idiotic bibliolathry!
And what about this? "God was only testing our faith!"
What baloney is that?
God is supposed to be omniscient. Does he/she/it need to "test"?
Jesus is quoted as saying "before this generation (HIS generation,first third of the first Century) will pass, I shall return". That generation has passed, he did not return.
No, don't tell me the "For God a Thousand years is like a day" rigmarole. A human generaton doesn't last a thousand years.Either Jesus was wrong, or He never said that, you choose as you like.Or maybe he was talking of His Resurrection? Anyway, those poor chaps of the first century believed he should be back SOON. The final words of that blasted acid trip, "Revelations" or "Apocalypse" are: "Do come, Jesus, O Lord! Jesus replies "Yes, I'm coming soon". SOON, not in 2011, or 2012.
All those doomsayers throughout the centuries were delusional and deluded their followers.
The only Apocalipse there will be (if our humans won't bring about it with nuclear wars or pollution and/or stupidity) is when our Sun will become too hot for life to survive on Earth, previous to becoming a Red Giant. When? Some thousand of millions years from now. Don't hold your breath.

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glen0330 said...

The way all the hype has been, I thought the world was NOW supposed to end when Oprah goes off the air today.