Monday, January 17, 2011

Illinois Family Institute On MLK Day: the unashaned hypocrisy of an hate group

"Homosexualist organizations have one goal that reigns supreme over all others: the eradication of the true moral belief that homosexual acts are profoundly immoral. And they are willing to exploit the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement in order to achieve their morally dubious and intellectually vacuous goal. [snip]

"Philosophical conservatives and all people who are committed to rational argument need to openly, courageously, and persistently challenge the flawed analogy that suggests that homosexuality is equivalent to race, for this is the assumption upon which the entire homosexual-normalization house of cards is built." - Laurie Higgins of the SPLC-certified hate group, the Illinois Family Institute. The IFI is the former home of Peter LaBarbera.

Discriminating a person on the basis of an harmless difference, be irt race, teligion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, sex, language, skin color is WRONG. Immorality is willingly harm another person. Same- sex and same-sex unions between consentng adult don't harm anyone. I have indeed a dream, that the lies of Laurie Higgins will be one day ridiculed and denounced by all honest people, gay and straight, black and white

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