Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We have no use for an intolerant god.

There are religious fanatics who say: "God hates" whatever the petty, intolerant and inhuman fundamentalist hates. But we haven't any use for a god who hates and is intolerant. Away with it! We don't believe in such a god, and even if it existed, we'd refuse to worship it or to abide to its hateful will.

But there isn't no god, except in man's myths and imagination. But some people needs to believe in a "god".
Well, make it a tolerant god. A god like the Jesus of Love who said "love each other like I loved you" and who wanted charity, not sacrifice. Such a "god", being fully human, doesn't hate anyone, and no human love is extraneous to Him. A god not to implore mercy from, or who demands atonement for imaginary "sins", but a god of tolerance, of friendship, of empathy with all human beings. There's no original sin, there's no need to be "saved", if only we love and respect each other and live our human potential to the fullest.

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